Google Transit Revs Up

Deep in search engine Google’s development labs is a new product that may help to spur more use of mass transit systems. The Google Transit Trip Planner works in the same way as the ubiquitous Google Maps; input your starting address, your ending address, and click, and walking directions to bus stops and subways stations will appear along with detailed information on which bus or route to take to reach your destination. The system also takes into account the time of day for scheduling and allows for advanced trip planning.

The system is still in beta (not that the term means much to Google!) with nine cities in seven states available, including places like Pittsburgh, Duluth, and Honolulu. It’s unknown whether the more complex transit systems of New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle will be coming to Google, but knowing how Larry Page and Sergey Brin want to catalogue all the world’s information, surely many more cities’ transit systems can’t be far behind.

Update 02/05/07: In the comments Dirt reader K. Notman points us to MBTA Boston’s T system website that has its own trip planner, powered by (wait for it)…Google Maps! The GOOG is everywhere, people.

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