LAM Asks: What Do You Read?

Bill Thompson, FASLA,
the editor of Landscape Architecture magazine, asks the basic question “What do landscape architects read?” in next month’s Land Matters column. You can get a sneak preview by visiting the latest LAND Online here. “…[D]oes a professional aversion to reading (and its corollary, writing) have anything to do with the absence of a national, ongoing dialogue on significant landscape issues?” Thompson asks.

If you have an opinion on the subject, or want to list your favorite professional reading material, feel free to leave a comment here on The Dirt, or email Thompson at Any comments will be considered for publication in Landscape Architecture.

Under threat of demotion and possibly legal action, The Dirt has learned, bitterly, that we cannot demand that you list this blog as your most useful professional reading matter. Darn it.


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