Up-next — Sandboxes: Fun for Kids…or Deadly Stew of Pathogens?

This past weekend, the Chicago Tribune tackled one of parenting’s worst nightmares. No, not “stranger danger,” but (wait for it…) sandboxes. “Aren’t those things just giant, ahem, litter boxes?” asks reporter Heidi Stevens, who also discovers that almost all parks in Chicago have at least one sandbox, and that cleaning crews regularly sift and clean the sand. So, it’s safe for kids, right?

From the article:

Dr. Scott Goldstein, a pediatrician at the Northwestern Children’s Practice, said he would never tell parents to avoid sandboxes altogether. He just urges us to use common sense.

“Wash your hands and your child’s hands often,” he said. “It’s a good idea to carry hand gel or hand wipes around with you.”

And, of course, he adds, “If you see poop in the sandbox, it’s a good idea to avoid it.”

Thank you, Dr. Goldstein.

[photo by bhollar]

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