CO2Led: Zero-Carbon, Solar-Powered Public Art

Interesting use of disused public space: In Arlington, Virginia, across the river from Washington, D.C., a group of artists has created a temporary public art project aimed at raising awareness of global warming. The project, called CO2LED, is made up of more than 500 plastic water bottles, culled from local government employees, attached to white plastic poles ranging from 5 to 13 feet high. Inside each inverted water bottle is a bright white LED light. At a distance, the stems look like gently bobbing cattails in the median of a busy intersection. The high-efficiency LED lights are lit by solar power.

As the Washington Post reports, “…[U]nused medians are the perfect place for the transformation [of public space] to begin: ‘You don’t even notice those funny little pieces of land,’ says Cynthia Connolly, a photographer and artist….’They become spaces that aren’t spaces anymore. They’re like lost terrain.’

The CO2LED project will be disassembled and recycled in September.

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