“No Child Left Inside” Act Proposed

While The Dirt mainly keeps out of the realm of Capitol Hill (leaving that to ASLA’s fine government affairs staff), here’s something new from Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD): last month he introduced an amendment to the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), currently up for reauthorization. His amendment, called the “No Child Left Inside” Act (H.R. 3036), would

  • “Require states seeking new environmental education grants under No Child Left Behind to develop and submit a K-12 plan to ensure that high school graduates are environmentally literate. States receiving such funds would submit status reports on how those plans are being implemented.
  • Provide new funding for states to develop, improve and advance environmental education standards.
  • Provide new funding to train qualified teachers to teach environmental education courses and programs.”

The Sabanes amendment has the support of the Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Federation, Audubon, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, as well as the National Education Association. No matter what your opinion of NCLB may be, it seems like more environmental education in public schools would be a good thing, no?


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