Charities Benefit Each Time You Search

The ASLA Fund, the foundation that seeks to expand the body of knowledge of the landscape architecture profession, has partnered with, a Yahoo-powered search engine. GoodSearch donates 50% of its revenue, approximately a penny per search, to the charities designated by its users. The Dirt would like to encourage you, faithful readers, to use GoodSearch and designate the ASLA Fund as your charity of choice. In less than two weeks, the Fund has accrued more than 600 searches.

You can start using GoodSearch in a variety of ways. Visiting the homepage, simply select “ASLA Fund (Washington, DC)” from the dropdown menu under the question “Who Do You GoodSearch For?” before searching. You can also download the GoodSearch toolbar for popular web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla’s Firefox 2, and Apple’s Safari browser. Click here to visit the GoodSearch instruction page. Members are also encouraged to check the GoodSearch homepage periodically to both check the running total of money donated to the ASLA Fund, and to make sure their searches are being credited to the Fund. Check GoodSearch’s “Frequently Asked Questions” page for more information.


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