Pack Your Bags for “Frozen Dead Guy Days”

The town of Nederland, Colorado (population 1,337), will be holding its annual “Frozen Dead Guy Days” March 7-9, 2008. So why would you care? Excellent question. It turns out that the eponymous Frozen Dead Guy is Norwegian landscape architect Bredo Morstøl. “Grandpa Bredo” served as the director of Parks and Recreation in Baerum County, Norway for over 30 years. After his death at the age of 89 in 1989, his body was cryogenically frozen in the hopes of eventual reanimation and was moved to a shed above the town of Nederland. Grandpa Bredo has run afoul of the law since his death, and the local controversy about his “temporary resting place” has made him, in the words of the official Frozen Dead Guy website “…to be more famous dead than most of us ever are alive.” So the town celebrates each March with dances, an eating contest, a “coffin race,” a “Grandpa-Look-Alike” contest, and more. Check out the site’s FAQs and let us know if you’ll be attending this year’s festivities.

One thought on “Pack Your Bags for “Frozen Dead Guy Days”

  1. Asep Dadang 01/13/2010 / 7:53 am

    interesting story about frozen dead guy “Grandpa Bredo”, also curious about “Grandpa-Look-Alike” contest.

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