Earth Day 2008 and Taking Stock of Green Surveys

Here in the mid Atlantic states, Earth Day weekend featured rain and wind that canceled many of the outdoor concerts and events. But tomorrow, April 22nd, is officially Earth Day and the skies are looking brighter already. What are your celebration plans, dear Dirt readers? Let us know in the comments!

While you wait for the big day, take the time to read Joel Makower’s excellent post on his blog, “Two Steps Forward,” where he analyzes the plethora of “green” and sustainable consumer survey results that are now out. “All told, [the surveys] paint a portrait that hasn’t changed much over the past twenty years: The public wants to buy green products and support good companies. Of course, what this means — and how to define both ‘green’ and ‘good’ — is where the devil meets the eco-details. But there’s something slightly different about this year’s bumper crop of data. A shred of realism seems to be creeping into the mix.”

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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