Best Career 2009: Landscape Architect

According to U.S. News & World Report, landscape architects, one of 30 “best careers,'” must have “a talent for both the aesthetic and the functional, the art and the science — you’re creating an ecosystem that must thrive over time.” Furthermore, ecological restoration was listed as a “smart speciality” for landscape architects. “Governments and nonprofit groups are restoring increasing amounts of land to their primitive states. This trend will very likely accelerate in the new administration and Congress, and with environmentalism ever growing.”

U.S. News & World Report discusses typical landscape architect salaries, the role of landscape architecture in sustainability, and how working in China may be a smart move for landscape architects. To illustrate this point, U.S. News highlights an interview conducted by ASLA with Professor Jie Hu, International ASLA,  the architect who led the design team for the Beijing Olympic Park. In the interview, Jie Hu discussses the opportunities and challenges for U.S. architects who want to work in China.

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