Renzo Piano: “Ecology Can Be a Lovely Source of Inspiration”

Renzo Piano, winner of the 1998 Pritzker Prize, discussed ecology and architecture with Today Online.  On the Academy of Sciences building in San Francisco, Piano said “our duty is to translate the codes of this ecological language in a poetic way, to marry beauty with respect for the environment.” Furthermore, Piano argues that “the architect should feel responsible for the environment.”

The Academy of Sciences building features a 2.5 acre living green roof, solar panels that provide for 10 percent of the building’s energy, and skylights that automatically vent to release hot air.  The green roof was built according to Piano’s designs by the SWA Group, a leading landscape architecture firm, which brought additional design innovation to the project.

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Also, check out Metropolis Magazine’s three-part review of the Academy of Sciences building: Part 1 – The Building; Part 2 – The Green Roof; and Part 3 – The Engineering Or, read about the SWA Group’s contribution to the engineering of the green roof.

One thought on “Renzo Piano: “Ecology Can Be a Lovely Source of Inspiration”

  1. Georgia / 12/31/2008 / 7:31 pm

    “Ecology Can Be a Lovely Source of Inspiration” – so it should be. See Louise Mozingo’s 1997 Landscape Journal article titled “The aesthetics of ecological design: Seeing science as culture.”

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