Roberto Burle Marx Exhibit in Rio

The New York Times
, which has recently increased its coverage of landscape architecture, wrote about the work of Roberto Burle Marx, Brazil’s star landscape architect. An exhibit of Burle Marx’s work will be shown through March at the Paco Imperial Museum in Rio De Janiero.

According to Lauro Cavalcanti, the curator of the exhibit: “By organizing native plants in accordance with the aesthetic principles of the artistic vanguard, especially Cubism and abstractionism, he created a new and modern grammar for international landscape design.”

Karen Van Legeran, Dean of the Landscape Architecture department at the University of Virginia, also commented in the article: “Burle Marx was prescient in his reverence for plants and his stewardship of the whole nursery, for his ability to see the garden both as an aesthetic experiment and also as part of the ecology.”

Read the full article
View the slideshow of Burle Marx’s work

2 thoughts on “Roberto Burle Marx Exhibit in Rio

  1. Georgia ( 01/26/2009 / 9:12 pm

    The Times article was my first exposure to Burle Marx’s work. His design for the terrace garden makes abstract art real and accessible.

  2. Jon 01/28/2009 / 12:00 pm

    I saw this same exhibition in Brasilia in the early 90’s. It is amazing how prolific an artist Burle Marx was, not just in landscape but also with his paintings, tapestry, and sculptures.

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