Flower Game for PlayStation 3

Sony will soon release a new game “Flower,” which explores the path of an urban flower that seeks to escape to the countryside.  Sony’s designer says the game is an interactive poem, which uses abstract landscapes, and the “flower is the gamer’s dream.” According to Wired, “flower lets the player explore the dreams of city blooms trapped in urban decay, longing to caress the soft grasses of the countryside.” 

Sony designed the game to be “attractive and meaningful” for adults, and wanted to make it simple and accessible. Players can control the path of the flower, and its pollination of the landscapes. The game explores the relationship between cities and nature, the complexities of ecology.

Watch the video preview of the game

3 thoughts on “Flower Game for PlayStation 3

  1. pierce 01/29/2009 / 8:20 am

    wow… 21st century technology and a 19th century ethos. What an arcane, linear understanding of our world. City vs country, bad structure vs. nice flower…..

  2. pierce 01/29/2009 / 1:15 pm

    oops, not arcane…. archaic

    that was pre-coffee

  3. WanPing @ delivery 11/20/2009 / 6:56 am

    I’ve been inquiring the World Wide Web for my research on this subject field. I’m so thankful what you shared adds a new dimension to the data I’m collecting. I truly appreciate the way which you look at this field of study, it offer me a unusual way of looking at it now. Thanks for the share.

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