World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009

The World Economic Forum 2009 Annual Meeting began yesterday in Davos, Switzerland. Andrew Schneider, Chief Operating Officer of the Forum, said in an interview last week: “We need to rethink the business model in view of sustainability and ethical frameworks.” Clearly, a goal worth focusing on. The environment, transportation, green jobs, and sustainability are all on the Forum’s agenda.

One interesting session coming up on Friday is entitled: Climate Justice: Basis of  a New Global Solidarity?

From the Forum website:

“Over three-quarters of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions — the principle cause of climate change — come from the EU, the United States, China, Russia, India and Japan. The 49 least developed countries account for just 1% of global emissions. Though they are certainly not responsible for climate change, the world’s poorest are suffering from it the most since poverty increases vulnerability to its effects.

1) What would be the most equitable solution to the injustices of climate change?
2) What overlap exists between adaptation and development? To what extent can compensation and assistance in dealing with climate change also contribute to development?
3) What scope is there for action at the international level to ensure protection of the most vulnerable populations and to reduce emissions sufficiently to deal with climate change and the suffering it causes?
4) How can such responsibility — “climate justice” — be established as a guiding principle in the ongoing negotiations for a successor to the Kyoto Protocol? ”

Other sessions include: From Green Tech to Green Jobs and Economic Growth, as well as The Challenges of Sustainable Mobility:

“Transportation systems face serious challenges ranging from growing infrastructure constraints, safety concerns and impending climate change regulations. How can we develop the technologies, regulations and new business models necessary to deliver clean, efficient and affordable transport?”

The Forum’s website will include live webcasts of events all week.

Go to the WE Forum site for updates in English, and other major languages

Update: Tom Friedman moderated an interesting panel, which included Al Gore, on what needs to be accomplished at the UNFCCC Meeting in Copenhagen in December, 2009. Watch the video.

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