Green Wall Variations


The New York Times reported in its Home section on a new type of green wall that can be created without soil.  The Bardessono hotel in Napa Valley, California has four panels containing epiphytic air plants (tillandsias), which are clipped onto metal rods.

The plant-based wall installation was conceived late in the development process, so there’s no internal irrigation system. The drought-resistant plants are instead misted every few days. Ms. Flora Grubb, a landscape designer, who created the wall installation, told The New York Times: “Our first instinct was to really pack the plants in, but then as we pulled them apart, they became so much more special, like abstracted sea creatures.”


Metropolis magazine in its February issue did a piece on the green wall in the restaurant The Moss Room, which is within Renzo Piano’s Academy of Sciences building in San Francisco. The Moss Room contains a 28-foot tall moss wall. According to Metropolis, the wall actually includes a range of plants: moss, ferns, succulents, and grasses. The plants are tacked onto wall panels. Unfortunately, due to faulty planting material, the plans have been shocked into dormancy, and now appear light brown. The mixture is expected to be replaced.

Read The New York Times article

Read the Metropolis magazine article

Photo of wall plant by Max Whitaker for the New York Times. Photo of moss wall by Ryan Hughes, courtesy Lundberg Design

One thought on “Green Wall Variations

  1. Richard Rozenbaum 11/22/2016 / 1:49 am

    Started my own green wall company in Israel back in 1997, mainly for offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and outside wall decorations. Green walls are a fantastic and natural decoration solutions, with many positibe benefits.
    Thanks for a great post Jared

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