Orchids as Art

The New York Times
wrote about Raymond Jungles, a Miami-based landscape architect, who is designing the New York Botanical Garden exhibit The Orchid Show: Brazilian Modern, which opens on February 28. According to The New York Times, the modernist forms and sculptural plants are a reference to Roberto Burle Marx, Brazil’s great landscape architect. Jungles said: “When I first saw [Burle Marx’s] work, the freedom, the boldness, the clarity of it changed my life. His gardens are all encompassing.”

Burle Marx advocated the use of Brazilian native plants, which he featured in minimalist gardens built for Le Corbusier and other modernists.  Jungles commented: “Other landscape architects before Roberto used boulder formations and native plants, but not to the level he did. He designed gardens from different ecosystems, and showed the beauty of those natural systems.” Using Burle Marx’s work as inspiration, the New York Botanical Garden’s exhibit either masses the orchids, palm trees and other tropical plants together, or sets them apart like treasured objects.

Read the article

Also, see an earlier post on a Roberto Burle Marx exhibit in Rio

Photo of exhibit by The New York Times

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