Sao Paulo Eco-Park

Inhabitat wrote about a new eco-park in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which was once a contaminated brownfield site. The 13,000 square-foot site for the eco-park was previously used for a garbage incinerator, so the firms involved, Davis Brody Bond Aedas and Levisky Arquitetos, built the deck three feet above ground to avoid soil excavation. According to Inhabitat, Victor Civita Plaza includes solar panels, reclaimed wood, and a museum that explains the sustainable aspects of the project.

The site’s wood was sustainably sourced. Inhabitat says: “It is constructed of Brazilian hardwood that was sourced from distributors that follow stringent rules on extraction and reforestation. The deck is supported by a steel structure which allows it to float above the contaminated soil below.”

The site also focuses on improving the social and environmental health of the nearby neighborhoods, while letting park-goers know that the site is reclaimed. “The deck’s elevation literally exposes the history of the landscape as a reclaimed site.”

Read the article and view more photos

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