Global Grant Competition on Climate Adaptation

The World Bank’s Development Marketplace has announced its global grant competition is receiving submissions until May 18, 2009. This year’s focus is climate adaptation. According to Development Marketplace, grant proposals from companies, foundations or organizations in developing countries should focus on one of the following themes:

  • Resilience of Indigenous Peoples Communities to Climate Risks
  • Climate Risk Management with Multiple Benefits
  • Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management

A successful project for the first theme is able to “identify and conserve agriculture, land, water and soil management practices that are based on traditional Indigenous knowledge and that help increase the resilience of Indigenous Peoples communities to climate threats.” For ‘Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management,’ the Development Marketplace is looking to “create innovative low-cost approaches for making housing and local infrastructure resistant to climate-related disasters and for spatial planning (land use, housing, coastal zone management) for climate resilience.”

Organizations, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), other civil society organizations (e.g. community associations, faith-based groups, labor unions, etc.), private foundations, development agencies, government agencies, academia and the private sector are eligible to apply. The proposal must target a group of beneficiaries that would be impacted directly by the project. Projects should be in developing countries. Development Marketplace doesn’t support research studies, but seeks on-the-ground projects that seek to ‘scale-up.’

The Development Marketplace offers grants from USD 50,000 to 200,000.

Go to Development Marketplace for more details as well as the DM 2006 winners in the area of water supply, sanitation and energy
Also, check out the World Bank’s Climate Change blog

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