Two New Pavilions in Chicago’s Millennium Park

Two new pavilions to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Burnham’s plan for Chicago will open in mid-June in Millennium Park. Designed by Zaha Hadid, the internationally-renowned architect, and Ben Van Berkel of Amsterdam’s UN Studio, the pavilions will be the focal points of the 1909 plan celebrations. According to the Chicago Tribune, each will cost about USD 500,000, and will include donated materials–“spare change compared to The Bean’s $23 million tab.”

Zaha Hadid, the first woman to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize, designed a pavilion that displays educational videos on Chicago’s urban development. The pavilion calls for a “tapering, aluminum-framed pavilion clad in an elastic, silvery-gray tent fabric with oblong slits for skylights. Visitors will be able to walk through ground-level openings in the structure and watch video art about the Chicago area’s past and future projected on fabric walls.”
Van Berkel’s pavilion has created an “open form in which a flat canopy will soar outward from three scoop-like supports that rise from a broad platform. Plywood with a high-gloss white paint will wrap the pavilion’s steel frame and will be splashed with colorful nighttime lighting. Openings in the scoops will offer peek-a-boo views of nearby skyscrapers.”  Van Berkel’s pavilion will be demolished and recycled after the centennial celebration, while Hadid’s will be auctioned-off.

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Learn more about the Burnham plan for Chicago at the Centennial Committee web site

Image credit: Chicago Tribune

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