Interactive Dream Grove

Azure Magazine
wrote about Dream Grove, an online exhibition that is an “intriguing combination of the interactive, the digital, the botanical and the aural.” The site “doubles as a treasure trove of dreams, which at one point took real-life narrated form as an interactive sound installation in an Athenian garden.” A number of “dreams” have already been added, but users can create their own and upload. According to Azure, “once a dream is added, it is assigned a dot, and the dot gets filled in with the colour the dream-writer assigned to it when entering the dream.” 

Petros Babasikas, founder of Drifting City, an “architecture, media and public space” design firm that created the interactive exhibit, said to Azure: “Web pages are today what gardens were, 100 years ago. Both are about entering a space of intense experience: remembering sensations, mapping ideas, discovering a dream place in concentrated isolation.”

Last November, Drifting City’s team converted the dreams into soundscapes for an interactive garden installation in the Athens Byzantine Museum‘s main courtyard. Visitors to the garden could hear the soundscapes as they moved through. The soundscapes includes multilingual spoken-word versions of dreams supplied to the site. According to Azure, Drifting City now hopes to build a permanent interactive garden.

The Dream Grove site won a 2009 Webby Award. This year’s Webby Awards were judged by Internet co-inventor Vint Cerf, Simpson’s creator Matt Groening, Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post, and Harvey Weinstein.

Read the article or Go to Dream Grove

Image credit: Drifting City

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