Sustainable Transportation Resource Guide

ASLA created a new online resource guide on sustainable transportation. The guide contains lists of organizations, research, concepts and projects related to sustainable transportation, including siting, planning, and designing sustainable transportation infrastructure. Developed for students and professionals, the resource guide contains recent reports and projects from leading U.S. and international organizations, academics, and design firms.

The guide is separated into six sections:

  • Sustainable Transportation Planning
  • Siting Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure
  • Designing Safe, Visually Appealing Transportation Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Transportation and Biodiversity
  • Sustainable Transportation and Stormwater: Green Streets
  • Combating the Urban Heat Island Effect from Transportation Infrastructure

As an example, sustainable transportation planning includes major research studies and policy papers outlining the economic and social arguments for smarter transportation networks. There are also design guides, how-to sites, and details on award-winning projects.

This resource guide is part of an on-going series. See earlier resource guides: Combating Climate Change with Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Design and Development, and a career development guide, Improving Skills During the Economic Downturn. Two more guides focused on Urban Growth and Development and Livable Communities are coming.

The Sustainable Transportation resource guide is constantly expanding. If there are resources we’ve missed, add in the comments field below, or email We are particularly interested in case studies on sustainable transportation infrastructure projects.

Go to the Resource Guide

Image credit: Inhabitat

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