London Will Plant Two Million Trees by 2025

According to The Guardian (UK), Isabel Dedring, London’s environmental advisor believes average summer temperatures could be 3.9 degrees C higher by 2080. London’s increasing temperatures are viewed as part of the city’s urban heat island effect and the result of global warming. To combat the temperature rise, the mayor released an environment plan that aims to increase tree cover across London by 5 percent, or two million trees, by 2025. An additional 5 percent of tree cover will come from added green space in inner London, including green roofs, according to the The Guardian. The goal is to reach 10 percent more greenery, the amount a UK study contends is required to offset projected temperature increases.

Additionally, “trees in streets have a very positive air-quality effect,” noted Isabel Dedring, London’s environmental advisor.

The tree cover project is part of a broader plan,“Leading to a Greener London,” by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. The London plan outlines a range of CO2 mitigation and adaptation programs. London’s plan also follows the “UK Low Carbon Transition Plan,” released in mid-July 2009 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and shares many of its recommendations. (see earlier post

London’s efforts to plant more trees is far more ambitious than a number of urban tree canopy programs in other major cities. Some U.S. programs include:

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One thought on “London Will Plant Two Million Trees by 2025

  1. Carsten 08/06/2009 / 8:38 am

    I am not sure if this is applicable to other municipalities with strict and enforceable tree protection ordinances but please DO NOT take New York City as a model for best management practices for protecting and preserving our urban forest. Despite a costly Bloomberg marketing campaign for the 1-million trees program and the PLANYC2030, New York City and many of its Capital divisions of mayoral agencies could really care less about trees.
    While thousands of new trees are being installed annually across the five boros by largely the Department of Parks, mayoral agency administrators, architects, engineers and their construction contractors continue to partake in the wholesale mutilation and deforestation of the already existing urban forest, as if large beneficial trees did not matter. Thousands of large and wide spreading canopy trees with extensive root systems are being compromised by arrogance and indifference and by the very folks that preach “We Love Trees”. And why is this occurring when there exists City of New York administrative codes as well as rules and regs that protect public trees inhabiting the Commons? Well of course the Mayor. And this bad behavior will continue.
    The current grand prize winner of these mayoral agencies in terms of large urban tree abuse, destruction and irreparable mutilation of vital tree roots- the Board of Education, School Construction Authority, Queens NY. (see: Flushing High School- Union Str+Northern Blvd; PS 128Q, Juniper Valley Rd / 69th Place; IS 102Q Van Horn Str). I am sure London has a far better urban forest management plan.

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