University of Monterrey Master Plan Competition Won by SWA Group

SWA Group won a master plan and landscape architecture design competition focused on improving the sustainability of the 247-acre (100-hectare) campus of the University of Monterrey in Mexico. The project will include a site-design for the Tadao Ando-designed Art and Design School Building. Tadao Ando won the 1995 Pritzker Prize.

According to the news release, SWA Group will help make the campus more walkable and bikeable, designing a shift from a “vehicular orientation to one that encourages pedestrian, bicycle and transit use.” Focusing on the broader sustainability of the campus, the plan calls for the use of “indigenous plant materials, natural water-retention and filtration, low maintenance landscaping as well as site-design strategies to enhance the learning and collaboration among students and faculty.”

The master plan aims to site Tadao Ando’s structure, called the Gate of Creation, a $34.5 million project encompassing 94,000 square feet (8,719 square meters), which includes “spaces for design, research, teaching and exhibition, as well as 22 laboratories and workshops.” Rene Bihan, SWA Group’s San Francisco Managing Principal said: “We will be working with the architect and the university to provide a proper landscape backdrop to what is considered one of the most significant architectural buildings in all of Latin America, while also helping the university move its campus to a higher level of sustainability.”

Read the article, and learn about another SWA Group project in Monterrey — the Monterrey Open Space Master Plan project. SWA Group has won numerous ASLA professional awards, including a 2009 award of excellence for its Buffalo Bayou project. Also, see more drawings of Tadao Ando’s Gate of Creation.

Image credit: Tadao Ando, Gate of Creation / University of Monterrey

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