Call for Entries for Expanded Version of “Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn”

Fritz Haeg’s project, Edible Estates, was turned into a book by Metropolis magazine’s publishing arm in early 2008. Haeg and team are now expanding the book for a 2010 edition, and have released an open call for entries. Haeg asks: “Are you growing food on your front yard? Do you live in USDA hardiness zones 3,4,5, or 9?”  To submit lawns for consideration, owners must live within certain USDA hardiness zones. (Check Haeg’s site for more details).

The first edition of Edible Estates: Attacks on the Front Lawn, won good reviews from a number of organic food and environmental gurus:

“The best ideas are usually the simplest ones.  Fritz Haeg deserves a genius award for his wonderfully subversive plan. Instead of mowing your lawn, you should eat it.” – Eric Schlosser, author, Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal

“Wherever I am, I’m always looking to see what’s edible in the landscape. Every time I see the median strip in the street in front of Chez Panisse, I can’t help but imagine it planted with waving rows of corn. Edible Estates describes wonderfully how a garden in front of every house can transform a neighborhood, sprouting the seeds not just of zucchini and tomatoes but of biodiversity, sustainability, and community.” – Alice Waters, owner, Chez Panisse Restaurant

“In the future, that quarter-acre next to the house may be as valuable as the house itself. This book reminds us that there are things better than lawns–more beautiful, more hopeful, more fun.” – Bill McKibben, author, The Bill McKibben Reader

Submit entries, and check out the book

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