Winner of Reburbia Competition Would Turn “McMansions” into Water-Filtering Wetlands

Inhabitat and Dwell magazine have announced the winners of Reburbia, a suburban design competition, which sought new ideas for “retrofitting surburbia.” (see earlier post). After receiving hundreds of entries, Inhabitat and Dwell narrowed the selection down to 20 finalists, then three winning entries, along with one People’s Choice Award.

The grand prize went to “Frog’s Dream: McMansions turned into Biofilter Water Treatment Plants” by Calvin Chiu. Frog’s Dream would turn “abandoned suburban tract homes into wetland areas, using vegetation to filter and clean water in abandoned suburban areas for nearby urban centers.” (see image above)

The second place prize went to “Entrepreneurbia: Rezoning Suburbia for Self-Sustaining Life” by Urban Nature, F&S Design Studio and Silverlion Design. “Entrepreneurbia” would change residential area zoning laws to spur the development of small businesses, thereby “reining in sprawl and making suburban communities more vibrant and walkable.”

Third place went to “Big Box Agriculture: A Productive Suburb” by Forrest Fulton. “Big Box Architecture” proposed redeveloping big box store parking lots as farms. The interiors of the big box stores would be used as greenhouses and restaurants. Existing structural details would become renewable energy generators.

The People’s Choice Award went to “Urban Sprawl Repair Kit: Repairing the Urban Fabric” by Galina Tahchieva. According to Reburbia, the design “delineated five building typologies characteristic of suburbia, and corresponding formulas for recreating them in order to promote environmental responsibility and community building.”

Read more about the winning projects and see photos.

Image credit: Calvin Chiu / Reburbia design competition

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