NYC Parks Commissioner Benepe: “Other Peoples’ Useless Land Is Often Something We Covet”

Urban Omnibus developed a feature highlighting some of NYC’s efforts to re-use brownfields to create parks. Using quotes from long-time NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Urban Omnibus frames some of the recent park projects that came out of abandoned or otherwise “useless” land. The parks illustrate one of Benepe’s ideas: “With a lot of design and a great deal of expense, any place can become a park.”

Urban Omnibus discusses some key brownfield-to-park projects in the five boroughs. Parks now in development include the Calvert Vaux Park, Bushwick Inlet, Concrete Plant Park, Fresh Kills, and Highland Park / Ridgewood Reservoir.

Calvert Vaux Park 

According to Urban Omnibus, the 77-acre park near the Coney Island inlet is bound by the bay on one side and Shore Parkway and runs from Bay 44th to Bay 49th Streets.  By January 2010, phase one will be completed and include “two synthetic turf soccer fields along with wetlands construction, an entrance garden, and additional trees.” Additional phases will bring “three baseball fields, six soccer fields, a recreation center, an amphitheater, and a playground along with picnic areas, nature trails, and a bike path.”

Read the article and learn about the other parks

Image credit: Dreier Offerman park (otherwise known as Calvert Vaux Park). Urban Omnibus / Timothy Vogel. 

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