Economic Stimulus Opportunities for Landscape Architects and Other Design Professionals

ASLA has produced a guide to economic stimulus opportunities.  The guide outlines U.S. federal government stimulus opportunities that benefit landscape architects and other design professionals. Federal opportunities are organized into the following sections: transportation, water, sustainable design, climate change, small business, and government procurement. There is also a list of U.S. state and territory recovery sites where design professionals can get more information on local opportunities.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was enacted into law to spur job creation and economic development, and jumpstart the nation’s lagging economy. After passage of ARRA, the federal government began allocating funding to states and localities to begin economic stimulus projects in the areas of education, housing, health care, infrastructure, and renewable energy. State and local governments have received stimulus funding and are now awarding contracts, grants, and loans for projects that will create employment opportunities and promote economic growth in local communities. Many federal agencies still have untapped funding available for stimulus projects.

If you know of useful loan or grant programs we’ve missed or you are a provider of a government program and would like to be included, please e-mail

Go to the guide

Image credit: Teardrop Park, NY, NY Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.

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