Sydney Harbour Design Competition

Sydney’s city government announced a design competition for a new public domain on Sydney Harbour, which will include the creation of a “signature headland park” that will be part of a new “world-class” waterfront. Landscape architecture, architecture and urban design teams are invited to submit proposals no later than December 18, 2009.

The Barangaroo site is 22 hectares, and is found in Sydney’s central business district. According to the competition registration site, key site features will include:

  • creation of a significant harbourside park;
  • restoration of an entire harbour headland to its pre-European settlement shape
  • completion of the 14-kilometre Foreshore Walk from Woolloomooloo to Anzac Bridge.

Over the past 12 months, the site’s concept plan has been altered to include a natural headland and larger northern cove. “The aim is to complement some of the key natural features of the harbour immediately west of the Harbour Bridge.”

Go to the Barangaroo site to learn more and register.

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