International Design Competition: Rethinking Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway

Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto announced a new design competition calling for new concepts for Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway. The goal of the competition is to create a “bold solution or series of bold solutions that can generate broad consensus on the best way forward for the eastern portion of the elevated Gardiner Expressway.”

According to Waterfront Toronto, “the elevated Frederick G. Gardiner Expressway has been a controversial element of the Toronto skyline since it was completed in 1966.  In recent years, public debate has been intensifying over whether its future should be a renovation, relocation, or complete removal.  At the same time, progress on waterfront revitalization has made clear that the elevated structure and the at-grade roadway beneath, if they are to remain, must be integrated with the new waterfront districts currently being developed.  While many plans and proposals have been put forth over the years, none have produced a sufficiently compelling vision for a new urban identity and truly functional transportation system.”

Out of all submissions received, six firms or teams will be shortlisted to participate in an intense, eight-week design competition.  These six teams will receive an honorarium of CA$50,000.  At the conclusion of the competition, Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto may choose to retain one or more than one of the teams for continued involvement in the approved plan.

Submissions are due by January 25, 2010. There is no fee to register.  Learn more and register

Also, check out an earlier post on one architecture firm’s idea of turning Gardiner Expressway into a High Line-style park.

Image credit: Kompot Photo

One thought on “International Design Competition: Rethinking Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway

  1. ozanagherman 02/24/2010 / 4:42 pm

    Something indeed needs to be applied. There are many interesting proposals for the Gardiner Expressway but one must be applied. I hope this competition will put forward some physical changes. One big impact the Gardiner has is the divide between the waterfront and the city. Torontonians don’t get the chance to appreciate their waterfront as much because of the concrete mass that shadows over front street.

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