Land Art Generator Initiative

Studied Impact, a design firm, has organized the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI), an international design competition based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). LAGI seeks to design and build a set of large scale public art installations that can also produce clean energy. The idea is each land art sculpture should contribute enough energy to power thousands of homes back to the grid. “The UAE Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) is a landmark initiative to bring together artists, architects, scientists, landscape architects, and engineers in a first of its kind collaboration. The goal of the Land Art Generator Initiative is to design and construct a series of land art installations across the UAE that uniquely combine aesthetics with clean energy generation.”

While large-scale power generators will always be required, local, distributed energy production facilities don’t have to look bad. In fact, they can be even be integrated in urban and communities through better design. “As the days of the gas or coal fired power plant at the farthest outskirts of the city come to a close, we will find more and more integration of energy production within the fabric of our commercial and residential communities. The need for large scale exurban generation will always be there, but it will be augmented more and more by urban and rural micro-generation and mid-scale generation. We live in a world that puts a high emphasis on design. Micro installations should take care in their designs to integrate with the fabric of the urban community.”

LAGI says design issues will only become more critical as local, distributed energy production takes off.  “What is needed in order to bridge the gap between the larger desire for a renewable future and the community-level negative reactions to the application of the systems required for it is an artistic movement that can set a course towards aesthetic considerations in sustainable infrastructure. Because, after all, sustainability in communities is not only about resources, but it is also about harmony.”

The LAGI design competition seeks to highlight artistic power generation ideas that can also be financially sustainable.  The juror includes a mix of local UAE officials, including many involved in the proposed Masdar “ecological city,” and international designer practitioners such as Jennifer Leonard from IDEO and Jeannette Ingberman from Exit Art.  

The deadline for submissions is June 4, 2010. Learn more.

Image credit: Robert Ferry & Elizabeth Monoian

One thought on “Land Art Generator Initiative

  1. Duke Hullender 10/08/2010 / 3:03 pm

    Hey, I sent an idea about kids playground for energy generation but had another idea right after. It goes like this. A gym with power generation free to use for the power that is generated. Here is another. At home you might want to make extra money so you can purchase a generator to plug into home and as you use then a meter could show how much money you saved on power bill or credit. You know you could even build a generator big enough that a team of people could turn that the pressure mapped and their id card would transfer to card that was inserted for spending. This generator could be in public that anyone could walk up to and join in and stop when wanted. So if I needed to make some money then I could go and turn. This would be a fair thing if set up proper.

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