Sustainability Toolkit: Environmental Models

Tools are needed to put sustainable design theory into practice. To complement an earlier series of thematic resource guides organized around climate change, sustainable urban development, transportation, livable communities, and green infrastructure, a new three-part “Sustainability Toolkit” series from ASLA will provide online toolkits, assessment tools, checklists, modeling software, and case studies designed to aid policymakers and design professionals roll out sustainable projects at the regional, urban, and local levels.

Part one, “Sustainability Toolkit: Environmental Models“, focuses on the environmental side of sustainability, perhaps the crucial component in sustainable projects for the built environment. The toolkit is arranged from macro- to micro-scales, beginning with sustainable regional planning, and moving to sustainable cities & communities planning, sustainable neighborhood planning, and, then finally, site-specific tools related to sustainable landscapes and green buildings.

Future parts of this series will explore the economic and social components of sustainability. Part two will further explore the economic models and part three will examine social (including community and public health) models. These will be coming over the next few months.

Go to Sustainability Toolkit: Environmental Models

The toolkit is meant to be a living guide and will only improve with your assistance. Please also send any recommendations to:

Image credit: Geos Net Zero Energy Neighborhood, Arvada, Colorado. David Kahn Studio, Eldorado Springs, and Michael Tavel Architects, Denver, Colorado

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