Ecology and Transportation Conference Call for Papers

The theme of the 2011 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation (ICOET) is “Sustainability in Motion.” According to the organizers, ICOET is a  “multi-disciplinary, inter-agency event conducted biennially to identify and share quality research applications and best management practices that address wildlife, habitat, and ecosystem issues related to surface transportation systems.” ICOET’s lead sponsors this year include the Federal Highway Administration and the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) at North Carolina State University.

There’s a call for conference abstracts, which can focus on “current project or planning activities, research findings, emerging issues, or best practices related to the interface between ecology and surface transportation systems” and cover a range of topics: 

• Aquatic and Marine Ecosystems 
• Coordination and Regulatory Compliance
• Ecology and Transportation in Urban Contexts
• Economics of Ecology and Transportation
• Emerging Issues and New Directions in Ecology and Transportation
• Integrating Transportation and Conservation Planning
• Invasive Species
• Rail, Ports and Intermodal Facilities  
• Transportation Construction, Operations and Maintenance
• Wildlife and Terrestrial Ecosystems
• Vegetation and Transportation Facilities

In addition, this year there’s also a call for proposals for “facilitated sessions” focusing on the “intersection of ecology, transportation and sustainability.” Each session will include presented materials, a panel discussion, and Q&A.

The 2011 meeting will be held August 21-25, 2011 in Seattle. Abstracts and proposals will be accepted until January 31, 2011.  Learn more.

Also, check out the finalists from the ARC: International Wildlife Crossing Design Competition. More than 35 entries were received from nine countries and narrowed down to five finalists led by the following teams: Balmori Studio, the Olin Studio, Janet Rosenberg & Associates, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates and HNTB Engineering, and Zwarts & Jantsma Architects. The winner will be announced in January 2011. See an article on the finalists in The Denver Post and an earlier post on the details of the competition. 

Image credit: Wild (X)ing, Submission to the ARC international design competition / The Olin Studio (Philadelphia) with Explorations Architecture (Paris), Buro Haphold (London) and Applied Ecological Services.

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