Taichung Gateway Park International Design Competition

The Taichung city government in Taiwan asks international landscape architecture firms to submit proposals for turning a former airport into an ecological “gateway park.” The park is part of the city’s efforts to turn Taichung into a “livable international metropolis.” The city also anticipates major population growth with rising Taiwan and mainland trade and hopes to create a sustainable community plan for managing this growth. “The goal is to create a visionary, innovative and international urban environment while at the same time establishing close links between central Taiwan and the rest of the world.”

The new Taichung Gateway City will cover approximately 254 hectares and includes the former Taichung (Shuinan) airport. The new urban plan calls for a Gateway Park, an expansive green space, at the center of the new city. The early vision for the park is a 68 hectare green space that flows from the north to the south through the development. The surrounding areas will be separated into four distinct areas: an “eco-residential district, the gateway district, a cultural business district, and an innovation or R&D district.” There will also be a new convention and EXPO space, “cultural city center,” and tower and dome. City organizers write: “the development of the park [is] the most significant milestone for Taichung Gateway City.”

In addition to providing 68 hectares of open green space, the park will also be sustainable, providing power back to the community. The organizers of the competition asks firms to include plans for adding in renewable energy systems to increase local power generation, creating an “intelligent park management system,” and increasing biodiversity.   

The total construction budget is anticpated to be NT$ 2,720,000,000, approximately US$ 85,000,000. International and Taiwanese firms are invited to submit entries by February 25, 2011. The short list will be announced by March 4, 2011 and then finalists’ submissions will need to be received by June 7, 2011. The winner of the competition will be announced June 10, 2011. Learn more

Image credit: Taichung Gateway International Design Competition

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