UK Landscape Photographer of the Year

Antony Spencer, a Dorset photographer, won the UK “Landscape Photographer of the Year” competition, which brings a £10,000 prize, for this shot of Corfe castle. The photography exhibition highlights “the interaction between people and places.” Charlie Waite, a top British landscape photographer, founded the competition in order to capture “images that best symbolise our land and our times, which will stand as a record for the future.”

The thousands of entries received from landscape-loving Brits features both pristine natural scenes and urban sites. The competition organizers write that the entries “demonstrate both the beauty and variety of the UK landscape, its universal visual appeal and our ongoing love for exploring and photographing its many faces.”

Natural England, a conservation organization, co-sponsored an award to highlight “an everyday landscape.” Helen Phillips, Chief Executive of Natural England, said: “This year’s extraordinary collection of images captures the tremendous variety of landscapes in this country and helps us appreciate the role they play as natural life support systems – filtering and storing water, holding fertile soils, locking in climate changing carbon, soaking up flood water, and buffering coastal storms.”

Network Rail also sponsored an award for the photos that best “shows the interaction of today’s rail network with the surrounding landscape.”  Robin Gisby, Network Rail, added: “For over 150 years, the railway has helped connect people across the length and breadth of the country; it is a big part of British life.” 

See the winning images and additional larger images in a slideshow from The Guardian.  

Many photos will be featured in an exhibition in London, open through January, 2011. Also, check out the exhibition book

Image credits: (1) Corfe Castle, Anthony Spencer / Landscape Photographer of the Year 2010, (2) Crossings, Barbican, London, England by Jonathan Lucas (Adult Living the view runner-up) / Landscape Photographer of the Year 2010, (3) South Downs near Kingston, East Sussex, England by Slawek Staszczuk (Natural England ‘Landscape on your Doorstep’ Award) / Landscape Photographer of the Year 2010.  

One thought on “UK Landscape Photographer of the Year

  1. M. D. Vaden of Oregon 12/08/2010 / 7:08 pm

    Having just begun using a DSLR camera, I now realize just how easily someone could spend a $10K pound award on lenses and gear.

    Above, I find the image most interesting where the person is on what looks like a building ledge in a city.


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