Sharing Climate Adaptation Strategies

Island Press and EcoAdapt recently launched the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE), a Web site designed to enable “practitioners to manage the natural environment in the face of climate change.” The group argues that the varied effects of climate change are already being felt. In addition, species loss and ecosystem degradation are posing immediate challenges for policymakers, resource managers, planners, and designers. Island Press President Charles Savitt said: “Despite the attention now focused on mitigating global warming, the reality is that some level of it is inevitable. Unfortunately, the field of climate adaptation is still in its infancy.”

CAKE aims to fill the gap by providing a ton of useful adapation resources in one place. The site features a growing body of research and tools, including case studies, a virtual library, community forums, a directory, and online tools. Case studies show a range of plans and programs that can help communities model adaptation initiatives. The site’s virtual library offers “vetted resources such as journal articles, presentations, reports, book chapters, and grey literature.” The community area provides access to a discussion forum, bulletin boards, and adaptation gurus who can answer questions, while the directory contains a list of professionals and organizations doing adaptation work. The online tools section offers a set of interesting comparison, impact analysis, and visualization tools — software like SLAMM, Climate Wizard, and PRECIS, and others.

Resources seem pretty focused on North America so far, but CAKE says it’s expanding so more global content is available. Users are encouraged to submit case studies and research articles.

Learn more about CAKE’s resources.

Also, a number of organizations are investing in creating and making adaptation resources available to local policymakers — see ICLEI’s new adaptation program.

Image credit: Celsias

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