Lang Baumann’s Art Transforms Public Spaces

Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann are a pair of Swiss artists who have formed a “multidisciplinary studio” to create a variety of bold and playful public art installations. In the typical Swiss ski town of Vercorin, Lang Baumann transformed an intersection into Street Painting #5. The 100 by 60 meter art piece was created using “road marking paint.”

In a group of projects focused on “spielfeld” or fields, the duo invites communities to rethink the possibilities of public sporting facilities. Bold curves painted on concrete and then covered with ice make this useable rink, Spielfeld #4 (Patinoire), a bold graphic statement.

Lang Baumann’s pieces are found all across Europe. In a more playful example, Dreamgames, the chalk lines within Dynamo Kiev stadium in the Ukraine were redrawn. “The project was realized on the occasion of the first, and perhaps only, art exhibition inside this stadium.”

Lastly, in Warsaw, Poland, Lang Baumann created a sort of ghost soccer field floating in a lake, a quiet and elegant contemporary art installation. Spielfeld #5 (Boisko) is made up of aluminum soccer goal posts, wood, styrofoam, and sand.

Check out other projects from Lang Baumann.

Image credits: (1) Street painting #5 / Robert Hofer. Sion, (2) Street painting #5 / Robert Hofer. Sion, (3) Spielfeld #4 (Patinoire) / Lang Baumann, (4) Dreamgames / Lang Baumann, (5) Spielfeld #5 (Boisko) / Lang Baumann

3 thoughts on “Lang Baumann’s Art Transforms Public Spaces

  1. Jackie Paulson Author 05/19/2011 / 1:43 pm

    This is really amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

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