Design a New Park in Santiago, Chile

The Chilean National Department of Sports has launched “Parque de la Ciudadanía Competition,” an international design competition for a 64-acre sustainable park in Santiago. The park will create an “urban image and landscape for the site of the national stadium,” and will need to be completed before the South American ODESUR games in 2014.  

According to the competition organizers, the goal of the project is to “generate a park open to the people, integrated with its surrounding lower income neighborhoods, and capable of integrating the sports venues located within the site.” In addition, the new park must also provide opportunities for local residents to engage in sports and recreation. 

The winning design must have a “unique image and identity linked with the site’s history and landscape and respond to the new demands and trends of the 21 century; integrate with the urban fabric, linking the site of the National Stadium to the city and surrounding neighborhoods; enhance and facilitate recreational and sporting activities, improving the use of sports facilities and encouraging open space recreation; and [provide open spaces] for social integration, improving the quality of life for surrounding communities.”

The park must also be sustainable and actually improve the environmental conditions of Santiago. Within their proposals, landscape architects will need to define an “environmental management” and maintenance program to ensure park sustainability.

Teams of landscape architects or architects can submit proposals for free. Three shortlisted teams will receive $43,000 to develop proposals, and the winning team will receive a commission of $587,000.

Learn more about the competition in English or Spanish and submit entries before August 25.

Image credit: National Stadium, Santiago, Chile / Ohio State University

One thought on “Design a New Park in Santiago, Chile

  1. zachynyogaz 06/29/2011 / 8:51 pm

    Hi ASLA, great post, thank you for spending the time to address this problem/solution. I live in Las Vegas and would love to see your idea come into play here, there is a lot of empty space and not a lot of park areas.


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