Architype Review Focuses on Landscape Architecture

Architype Review, a Web site created by designers for designers, focuses in on a different building type each month. Past issues have focused on train stations, museums, hotels, and schools. Within each type, the site tries to “honor those projects that are challenging the limits and redefining the norms.” Now, Architype has zoomed in on landscape architecture, selecting a set of 16 landscape projects from around the world, along with a slideshow of “iconic landscape architecture.” There are also book reviews.

The site is clean, letting the images tell the story. Some additional background is provided by the designers in their own words. A number of the projects will be familiar to viewers of ASLA professional award Web sites, but a few additional interesting projects include:

Simon and Helen Director Park, Portland, Oregon (see image at top): Created by the landscape architecture firm OLIN, the Simon and Helen Director Park, which used to be a parking lot the size of a city block, “now offers Portland a significant new urban experience. The park, built entirely over structure, has created public spaces with a range of microclimates, amenities, and activities, and has quickly become a unique destination and landmark for residents and visitors.”

Give Peace a Chance, Montreal, Quebec:
Designed by Marie-Claude Seguin, Give Peace a Chance was the result of an open competition held by la Ville de Montréal, which called for professional artists to collaborate with a landscape architect to create a new landscape within a historic park layed out by Frederick Law Olmsted. “The project aimed to commemorate the John Lennon – Yoko Ono bed-in, an event for peace, held in Montreal May 26 to June 2, 1969.”

Seafront of Benidorm, Barcelona, Spain
: OAB, a landscape architecture firm, designed a new promenade to be a “place with a life of its own.” Its organic lines, “a reminder of natural wave forms,” create an “ensemble of honeycombed surfaces that juggle light and shadow, a series of convexities and concavities that gradually construct a set of platforms and levels that provide areas for play, meeting, leisure or contemplation.” The site is also set-up to handle rainwater runoff.

See the landscape architecture issue.

Image credits: (1) Simon and Helen Director Park, Portland, Oregon. OLIN / Eckert & Eckert, (2) Give Peace a Chance, Montreal, Quebec. Marie-Claude Seguin / Marc Cramer, (3) Seafront of Benidorm, Barcelona. OAB / Alejo Bague

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