ASLA Announces 2011 Student Awards

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has announced the winners of the 2011 Student Awards. More than 450 submissions were received and 40 were selected for recognition. ASLA will present awards in the categories of General Design, Residential Design, Analysis and Planning, Communications, Research, Community Service, and Student Collaboration during a ceremony that will take place on Wednesday, November 2, at the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO  in San Diego.

This year’s prestigious jury included Mario Nievera, ASLA, Chair; Thomas W. Balsley, FASLA; Gary A. Brown, FASLA; James Burnett, FASLA; Shane A. Cone, ASLA; Diane Dale, FASLA; M. Elen Deming, ASLA; John King, Hon. ASLA; and Karen A. Phillips, FASLA

Highlighted are the select projects that won Awards of Excellence:

General Design Award of Excellence
Tempelhof Wasserpark
Johanna F. Barthmaier, Associate ASLA, Graduate, University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisors: Martin Rein Cano and Yadiel Rivera Diaz
(see image above)

Project statement: “Berlin, Germany lies close to the water table and with an overwhelming amount of annual rainfall, the city has more water than its infrastructure can handle. Tempelhof airport provides a clear open space inside the city to test a new form of water management in Berlin, where storm and ground waters are reserved, absorbed and filtrated through pools, plantings and landforms. A module based on the folds of a paper airplane helped generate the design, which allows water to move and collect throughout the site. Depending on the weather, the ephemeral movement of water sets the stage for unique programs to develop and informs visitors about the local hydrology.”

Residential Design Award of Excellence
Vegetation House: House for Being the Medium of Plant Growth
Jheng-Ru Li, Student Affiliate ASLA and Chieh-Hsuan Hu, Student Affiliate ASLA, Graduate, National Chiao Tung University
Faculty Advisors: Yu-Tung Liu, Yuan-Rong Li, Shiau-Yun Lu and Chor-Kheng Lim

Project statement: “Concerning the problem of farmhouses in the suburban areas.This project is aimed to focus on whether the building creates a suitable environment for many different types of plants to grow naturally. Just as a stone in the forest is attached to a plant by the local environment, the building should not change or, worse, destroy the original ecosystem; it should coexist in harmony with the ecosystem and allow a diversity of plants to grow smoothly alongside it.”

Analysis and Planning Award of Excellence
UPGRADE / RETROFIT: Strategies for Re-Urbanization of Haiti’s Hillsides
Jeff Powers, Student ASLA and Byron White, Student ASLA, University of Toronto
Faculty Advisor: Liat Margolis

Project statement: “UPGRADE/RETROFIT is an hybridized architectural and landscape design plan that envisions a new possibility for Haiti’s development beyond the short term disaster relief solutions currently in use. The earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, was another chapter in a series of events that have systematically destroyed the Haitian landscape and communities. Within  the  current framework for redevelopment, sustainable systems are not adequate. Instead, we envision a strategy for rehabilitation, augmentation and surplus.”

Communications Award of Excellence
Lorna Allen, Student Associate ASLA; Tucker Beeninga, Student ASLA; Sarah Elsaesser, Associate ASLA; Matt Evans, Student ASLA; Benjamin Hood, Student ASLA; Michael Lynskey, Associate ASLA; Preston Montague, Student ASLA; Leslie Morefield, Associate ASLA; Lindsay Ruderman, Student ASLA; Scott Simmons, Associate ASLA; Caitlin Smolewski, Associate ASLA; Matt Tomasulo, Student ASLA; David Toms, Associate ASLA and Luke Wallenbeck, Associate ASLA, Graduate-Undergraduate, North Carolina State University
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Fox, ASLA

Project statement: “SHIFT:infrastructure is an annual student produced publication sponsored by the North Carolina State University Student Chapter ASLA. Recognizing that students represent the next generation of leaders and design innovators, we created SHIFT: to provide a scholarly and provocative forum for professional-reviewed student research into emerging issues at the forefront of landscape architecture theory and practice. We seek to foster creative interaction across disciplinary boundaries and raise awareness of emerging trends within academic and professional communities.”

Community Service Award of Excellence
Adams Elementary School Garden for Experiential Learning
Amanda J. Dunlap, Student ASLA, Graduate, Utah State Universiry
Faculty Advisor: Keith Christensen, PhD, ASLA

Project statement: “In a time when art programs are being removed from schools as educational funding is cut short, an opportunity surfaced to combine core elementary school curriculum with the arts through landscape architecture. Based on the hands-on, experiential learning environment of the studio, the creation of twenty lessons integrated landscape architecture, mathematics, creative writing, science, and art into fourth grade curriculum. From inception to implementation, students worked through the design process to create a school entryway.”

Explore the 2011 student award winners.

Image credits: (1) Johanna F. Barthmaier, (2) Jheng-Ru Li and Chieh-Hsuan Hu, (3) Jeff Powers and Byron White, (4) SHIFT:infrastructure team, (5) Amanda J. Dunlap

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