A Landscape of Glass

Shayna Leib, an artist based in Madison, creates glass landscapes using what can only be imagined is a very time-consuming process. According to Colossal, some of her works involve creating almost one mile of thin glass tubes (baked at 2,400 degrees) and then cut into tens of thousands of tiny pieces. 

She then begins the “tedious process of building the actual sculpture, requiring roughly 45 minutes for each two square inch area.” The glass pieces jut out about 6-8 inches from the wall, and span 4-5 feet long and up to 2 feet wide.

At the end, the pieces resemble pieces of landscape: flowing, brightly-colored grasslands or dense mossy undergrowth. 

On the Echt Gallery Web site,  Leib writes: “I use glass, not for its mimetic quality to capture the look of stone or plastic, but for its most unique properties; the inclination to flow, the capacity to freeze a moment in time, and its ability to manipulate optics.”

Learn more about Leib and see more images.

Also, check out Delaney Allen’s photography of particles of dust, smoke, and sand in Fast Company.

Image credits: (1) Sirocco / Jaron Berman, (2) Moebius / Tom VanEndye, (3-4) Colossal

2 thoughts on “A Landscape of Glass

  1. phenson 09/14/2011 / 1:15 pm

    These are great!!

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