ArtPlace Offers $14m in “Creative Placemaking” Grants

ArtPlace, an innovative private-public organization that sees arts as a key driver of economic development and community revitalization, has $14 million in grants available for “creative placemaking” projects. Non-profit organizations, local governments, artists, designers, and even companies are eligible to apply.

The organization’s first round of grants, which were announced in September, resulted in $11.5 million in investments in 34 local projects. Each project received somewhere between $150,000 and nearly a million. ArtPlace writes: “Grants were given to initiatives to revitalize neighborhoods, stimulate job growth and economic development, increase the appeal of transit corridors, provide artists’ housing and workspace, foster research in creative placemaking and more.” The group also believes each project it finances “represents a new model” for towns and cities. The idea may be to test many new concepts and see what works.

ArtPlace gets support from some big-time philanthropic organizations: Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Ford Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, and others.

U.S. government organizations, including the National Endowment for the Arts; the departments of Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Education and Transportation; and the White House Office of Management and Budget and the Domestic Policy Council, don’t provide funding but participate in ArtPlace’s council and operating committees. 

Initial letters of inquiry are due by November 15, 2011.

In other news, Odebrecht, a humungous Brazilian engineering and construction conglomerate, has started a new Obebrecht Award for undergraduate students in the U.S. This is the first year the award, which is held in Angola, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela, has been offered here. Talented students from landscape architecture, architecture, and engineering programs can take home $65,000 for writing a paper that offers a “revolutionary,” scalable approach that dramatically improves sustainability outcomes in building construction or materials or chemical production. “Whether related to new building techniques, new chemical and petrochemical processes, or alternative uses of sustainable materials, projects should explore innovative practices, methods, and ideas that can be implemented on a variety of real-world ventures.” Learn more.

Image credit:
ZERO01 garage / ArtPlace

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