Urban Intervention: An Ideas Competition for Seattle Center

Urban Intervention: The Howard S. Wright Design Ideas Competition for Public Space invites landscape architects to create a “fresh vision” for a 9-acre site in the heart of Seattle Center. According to the organizers, the competition is seeking “bold and creative” ideas that can inspire “more broadly applicable solutions for major urban sites” around the world. Some of the core themes relate to designing innovation, building an “ecological city,” renewing culture, and generating dialogue.

Some questions asked: “How must public space perform in the coming century – Ecologically? Socially? Economically? How can public space evolve to better meet the needs of our changing social and natural systems? What kinds of public spaces will be needed in the future? Can we generate ideas today that will inform a new generation of cultural centers and public places?” 

The competition is also looking for “complex, multidisciplinary design responses” from landscape architects and a range of design professionals. There will be a public dialogue around the competition entries along with a publication designed to stimulate even more discussion. 

The jury includes some major landscape architects like Tom Leader, ASLA, and Mia Lehrer, FASLA, along with a number of architects.

Once all the entries are in, the jury will select three finalist teams, which will each receive $30,000 to fully develop their concepts. The grand prize winner will then receive a $30,000 prize. The competition won’t result in any built project though.

Register by January 27 and submit entries by February 10.

In other news, the Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum is seeking application for its inaugural fellowship in landscape studies. The fellowship will “be awarded to an emerging design talent whose work articulates the potential for landscape as a medium of design in the public realm.” According to the museum, “landscape architects and designers from a range of allied design professions, including architecture, engineering, urban design and planning, as well as the horticultural and garden arts, who can demonstrate a significant engagement with the landscape medium are invited to apply.” The lucky fellow will get to spend the summer in a Renzo Piano-designed apartment in Boston with a $5,000 a month stipend. Apply by December 15.

Image credit: Urban Intervention

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