Mobile Garden on the Loop

Earlier this fall, Noisivelet, a public arts organization whose name is “television” spelled backwards, brought Mobile Garden to a train car riding Chicago’s downtown Loop, where it was exhibited along with projects by 50 other artists. Part of the Art on Track festival, the exhibition offered passengers with a lush respite filled with sod and native plants. Some passengers clearly got into it:

For five hours, seats, windows, and floors were completely covered in vegetation. Floors offered grassy lawns, while potted plants rested on some seats, windows, and floors, creating distinct seating areas.

Chicken wire on the ceilings provided a trellis for ivy-like plants, which also covered poles and rails. 

According to Noisivelet, plants and materials were donated by local grass farms, green roof designers, and arboretums. Local Chicagoan artists also rode the exhibit, explaining the plants to passengers.

The project is meant to demonstrate ideas related to “responsible materials, urban stewardship, and sustainability.” The group is now trying to raise funds for a flat-bed garden to be tacked on to the end of trains, giving both passengers and people waiting at the platform a brief planty view.

Also, check out other projects from the exhibition.

Image credits: Mobile Garden / Noisivelet

One thought on “Mobile Garden on the Loop

  1. Renata Jelito 01/04/2012 / 2:55 pm

    This is just great… Though I have never seen Chicago or its metro system, I’m sure it was very much appreciated by its passengers.

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