Videos: The Second Wave of Modernism

The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) put together The Second Wave of Modernism II: Landscape Complexity and Transformation, a powerhouse conference held last fall at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in NYC, which featured some of the top landscape architects around. Now, TCLF has posted full videos of the entire conference online.

Above, check out the conference introduction by Charles Birnbaum, FASLA, Founder of TCLF, who explains how landscape architects must now work with complex systems, including cultural and ecological systems, when transforming early Modernist sites into more functional, people-friendly spaces that also enhance the natural environment.

While all sessions are worth watching, featured below are some of our favorite talks by landscape architects transforming Modern landscapes. Each landscape architect talks about the people who artistically influenced them, their evolution as designers, and then their own projects, which reimagine sites rich with history.

Lisa Gimmy, ASLA, Lisa Gimmy Landscape Architecture, explained how she created a new landscape for famed Modern architect Richard Neutra‘s Kun 2 house in Los Angeles.

In Miami, Raymond Jungles, FASLA, collaborated with Herzog + de Meuron on their 1111 Lincoln Road project, creating a new streetscape, plaza, and two lush interior courtyards inspired by Modern sidewalk designs.

Julie Bargmann, ASLA, Founding Principal, D.I.R.T. Studio, made a powerful case for the derelict “urban voids” that are a “byproduct of urbanization but are vital to contemporary culture.” She said these “left-over places,” the space abandoned near waterfronts and highways in cities, which are so often featured in Jim Jarmusch films, “can’t be designed with a capital D.”

Read a three-part series covering the sessions or delve into all the videos.

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