Walk the Green Carpet

Public artists Gaëlle Villedary helped the French village of Jaujac celebrate the 10th year of its arts and nature trail programs by cutting a new green path through its city center. Using some 168 rollers of turf grass, spanning 420 meters (or nearly 1,400 feet), the public artists wound 3.5 tons of natural material through the streets of the old town.

According to Landezine, one goal of the project was to “connect the heart of the village” to the valley’s rich natural setting. In this instance, the path is itself a “piece of nature” designed to create a “communion between nature and man through art.”

This thin slice of turf grass is a “resurgence of life” in a sea of “asphalt, cement, or tar.” The path “guides our steps” and we are “curious to see where it takes us.”

See more images.

Image credits: Copyright David Monjou

2 thoughts on “Walk the Green Carpet

  1. Pergolas 02/28/2012 / 11:05 am

    It´s not the most beautiful natural integration, but surely will surprise the tourist.

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