ASLA Announces 2012 Student Awards

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) announced the winners of the 2012 Student Awards. More than 450 submissions were received but just 21 student projects were given awards this year in the categories of General Design, Residential Design, Analysis and Planning, Communications, Research, Collaboration and Community Service. Students will receive their honors on October 1, at the 2012 ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO in Phoenix, Arizona.  

The student awards jury included: David Yocca, FASLA, Chair; Sheila A. Brady, FASLA; Mark A. Focht, FASLA; M. Paul Friedberg, FASLA; Paul H. Gobster, FASLA; Debra Guenther, ASLA; Linda Jewell, FASLA; Chris Reed, ASLA; and Andrew Wilcox, ASLA.

The September issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM) features the winning projects and is available online for free viewing. September’s LAM will also be featured on the endcap of the magazine section in nearly 500 Barnes & Noble stores beginning September 14.

The winners of the ASLA 2012 Student Awards of Excellence are:

General Design

Colón: Collective Strategies for a Regenerative Waterfront (see image at top)
Carolina A. Jaimes, Assoc. ASLA, Graduate, Florida International University
Faculty Advisor: Gianno Feoli

Project statement: “The interest behind this research is the role of Individual Perception and Collective Space in highly complex urban environments, particularly the relationships between culture and the built environment and their impacts on society with a special interest in the role of the young population. The proposal challenges the role of Landscape Architecture to move beyond typical “potential” constructions and develop truly alternative conditions of “reality” that respond to the current challenges in contemporary, blighted urban life situations.”

Operative Platform
Hansol Kang, Student ASLA, Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Faculty Advisors: Gary Hilderbrand, FASLA, David Mah, Miho Mazereeuw and Chris Reed, ASLA

Project statement: “The project provides a vision for an urbanization process that integrates plant nurseries operations and practices as its main structuring system. The project aims to project a novel mode of urbanism that is framed by a productive ecology and integrates a more systematic proposal for a time based dynamic urbanization process. Way to reduce the cost of plant nursery operation and to reframe hydrologic system of Willets Point will be envisioned within this project, the Operative Platform.”

Analysis and Planning

Mining as Demining
Xiaoxuan Lu, Student ASLA, Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Faculty Advisor: Pierre Bélanger, ASLA

Project statement: “The project poses a new linkage between resource extraction and post-war metal cycling economies, strengthening a livelihood that heals a war-scarred landscape. It proposes a strategy of ‘demining bombs through mining gold.’ The bomb-impregnated landscape of Laos, which has 80 million unexploded bombs left over from the Vietnam War, is seen as an opportunity to rethink the processes of mining. Simultaneously, mineral exploration and excavation processes are used as mechanisms of rehabilitating and reconstructing the hazardous ground.”

Student Collaboration

Anna Christy, Student ASLA; Kyle Fiano, Student ASLA and Erica Mackenzie, Assoc. ASLA, Undergraduate, Arizona State University
Faculty Advisor: Kim Steele

Project statement: “Peritoneum reflects the collaboration of interdisciplinary students employing their respective talents to build a temporary shade structure for a plaza space on a university campus. The undulating blue structure evokes a calming, cooling environment, and captivates others by its daring interpretation of typical shade structures. Peritoneum, associated with the ribcage, transforms an underutilized area into an active passageway, place of rest, and ultimately the core adjacent design and art school.”

For the complete list of winners, please explore the 2012 ASLA Student Awards Web site.

Image credits: (1) Colón: Collective Strategies for a Regenerative Waterfront, Carolina A. Jaimes, Assoc. ASLA, (2) Operative Platform. Hansol Kang, Student ASLA, (3) (4) Tim Trumble and Anna Christy, (3) Mining as Demining. Xiaoxuan Lu, Student ASLA, (4) Peritoneum. Anna Christy, Student ASLA; Kyle Fiano, Student ASLA and Erica Mackenzie, Assoc. ASLA.

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