Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (April 7 – April 20)

The Dirt has initiated a new bi-weekly feature highlighting news stories from around the Web on landscape architecture. For more LA in the News, check out LAND, ASLA’s newsletter. If you see others you’d like included, please email us at

Set Your Sights on SitesRecreation Management, 4/9/13

“… the advances taking place in landscape architecture right now are no less monumental. The past few years have brought changes that promise to reinvent planned outdoor spaces over the next few decades, in ways as transformative as the ones that took place more than a century ago. Here are a few important developments that herald a new golden age for landscape architects and the projects they’re working on.”

Great Design in the Great OutdoorsInteriors & Sources, 4/9/13

“According to a recent survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects, outdoor living spaces—defined as kitchens and entertainment spaces—were ranked at the top of the list of growing trends among American homeowners.”

Edible AestheticsThe Dispatch, 4/15/13

“Sanders began incorporating edible landscaping techniques into his limited growing area. The techniques Sanders began incorporating have been popular in more densely populated urban areas for a number of years but have since spread to residential suburbs and beyond. The basic premise of all these techniques is ensuring every pot, every flowerbed, every window sill box, is planted with something that is not only visually appealing, but can also be eaten.”

On this Earth Day, a Greener City Could be Just a Bike Ride AwaySt. Louis Post-Dispatch, 4/22/13

In an editorial piece from ASLA President Thomas R. Tavella: “The city of St. Louis is truly on the way to becoming ‘Historically & Dynamically Sustainable,’ as the motto for the city’s sustainability plan suggests. Through careful crafting and consideration, many believe that this plan, formally adopted just over three months ago, may be one of the most impactful decisions made by the city.”

What Exactly Does a Landscape Architect Do?National Building Museum

“Landscape architecture encompasses the design of almost anything under the sky. Think of iconic places like Boston’s Emerald Necklace and the FDR Memorial in Washington, D.C. But also consider your downtown square, your local park, or even your own backyard. Green roofs, urban farms, and corporate campuses—all define landscape architecture.”

These articles were compiled by Phil Stamper, ASLA Public Relations and Communications Coordinator

Image credit: Edible Aesthetics / Micah Green. Dispatch Staff

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