Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (April 21 – May 4)

The Dirt has initiated a new bi-weekly feature highlighting news stories from around the Web on landscape architecture. For more LA in the News, check out LAND, ASLA’s newsletter. If you see others you’d like included, please email us at

An Architectural Reflection of George W. BushThe Atlantic Cities, 4/25/13

“The 15-acre landscape park is a particularly fitting tribute to a president who always seemed most at ease bushwhacking in the woods around his Crawford ranch. Again, the Bushes (and landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh) bend their will to the land, with native prairie grasses, seasonal wildflowers, and a Texas rose garden.”

Seattle’s Free Food ExperimentNational Geographic, 4/29/13

“On Beacon Hill, just south of central Seattle, landscape developers and a few affordable-food advocates are building an edible food forest. Everything grown in the area, from the tree canopies to the roots, will be edible. And it’ll be open around the clock to anyone who wants to come and pick some fresh blueberries or pears. In its first phase, the farm will be 1.5 acres. But if it’s successful, the public land it’ll sit on—currently owned by Seattle Public Utilities—will be able to accommodate 5.5 more acres of growth.”

Coming to a Rooftop Near YouThe Boston Globe, 4/30/13

“Landscape architect Lauren Mandel has been studying the urban ag movement for the past four years. In her new book, ‘Eat Up: The Inside Scoop on Rooftop Agriculture’ (New Society Publishers), she identifies eight North American cities — Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, among them — that have been leading the way in high-rise urban farming.”

EuropaCity is a (Fantasy) Underground Green Town TGDaily, 5/1/13

“Under the carpet of green vegetation on the roof, the designers have sketched out what they consider a sustainable, densely packed urban environment. However, all workers and visitors will have plenty of access to the outdoor roof area, which will include recreational areas, hiking paths and urban farms. The green roof will also be high enough to see spectacular views of Paris in the distance.”

These articles were compiled by Phil Stamper, ASLA Public Relations and Communications Coordinator

Image credit: Recover Green Roofs / The Boston Globe

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