Landscape Architecture in the News Highlights (May 5 – 18)

The Dirt has initiated a new bi-weekly feature highlighting news stories from around the Web on landscape architecture. For more LA in the News, check out LAND, ASLA’s newsletter. If you see others you’d like included, please email us at

7 Jobs that Make the World a Better PlacePatch Network, 5/8/13

“4. Landscape architect: According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, these workers analyze, plan, design, manage and nurture natural and built environments.”
Note: This was reused from an older AOL Jobs story, but has recently been seen in nearly 50 local Patch Newsletters over the last two weeks.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Given New LifeMother Nature Network, 5/9/13
“Prince, 16, Paris, 15, and Blanket, 12, reportedly visited the site two years ago and were heartbroken to find it so neglected. The three immediately made plans to rescue the site, hiring gardeners, landscape architects and contractors to shore up dilapidated structures and grounds.”

Outdoor ‘Fire Features’ are This Year’s Must-have for HomeownersThe Republic, 5/13/13
“A recent survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects reflects that demand. Among outdoor design features expected to be most popular this year, 95.8 percent of survey respondents rated fireplaces and fire pits highly. The only feature that ranked higher: Backyard grills.”

Landscape Designer Margie Ruddick Brings a New Meaning to Green DesignSmithsonian Magazine, 5/17/13
“Last week, Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum announced that Ruddick would be one of this year’s ten recipients of a 2013 National Design Award, hers for landscape architecture. We caught up with her via e-mail after the announcement to ask her about her work. Below, she tells us more about her award-winning ‘green’ approach to design, why it is important and what it will mean for the future of architecture.”

Landscape Architecture Should Come Sooner, Not Later in DesignThe State Journal, 5/16/13
“The practice of landscape architecture is perceived by many as the last step in making the exterior of a building look attractive. Typically, clients and owners will wait until the completion of a building or residence to call in a landscape architect to consult on planting ideas, patios, lighting and possibly swimming pools.”

These articles were compiled by Phil Stamper, ASLA Public Relations and Communications Coordinator

Image credit: Urban Garden Room by Margie Ruddick, ASLA / Image credit: Sam Oberlander. Smithsonian Magazine

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