New Webinars on Sustainable Landscapes

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center’s Ecosystem Design Group, has put together a new webinar series called “Principles of Successful Sustainable Landscapes: Specification, Installation, and Maintenance.” The goal of this series is to train professionals and contractors in the “efficient and successful specification, installation, and maintenance of projects with sustainable features.”

According to the center, the webinar series will teach landscape architects and designers how to successfully design sustainable landscapes, “starting with the foundational aspects of the process and culminating with techniques used to quantify the success of the design.”

The series is based on standards developed by the Sustainable Sites Initiative™ (SITES™), a rating system and guide for sustainable land design, construction, and maintenance practices, created through a joint partnership with ASLA, the Lady Bird Wildflower Center, and U.S. Botanic Garden.

Here are details on the webinars:

Webinar 1: Soils for Sustainable Landscapes (10 a.m. CST, June 18th)
“This webinar will cover the concepts of plant-soil relationships and the characteristics of soil that need to be examined for sustainable design, including: compaction, texture, soil biology, types and role of organic matter and soil chemistry. It will also discuss how to interpret soil test results and quantify specifications for soils and soil amendments (fertilizer, compost, etc.) for restoration, plant establishment and growth.” Duration: 50 minutes.

Webinar 2: Site Preparation + Installation (10 a.m. CST, July 9th)
“This webinar session will discuss soil preparation and protection strategies, compost testing and amendments, compaction testing, BMP’s, and developing a preparation schedule. The course also highlights installation timing,
irrigation schedules and site hygiene techniques.” Duration: 50 minutes.

Webinar 3: Maintenance for Sustainable Landscapes (10 a.m. CST, July 23rd)
“This webinar session will highlight maintenance strategies and benchmarks aimed at establishing and maintaining sustainable landscapes. Techniques discussed in this course include irrigation and mowing frequency, plant
succession, monitoring of plant health, and monitoring and treatment of problematic species.” Duration: 50 minutes.

Webinar 4: Master Planning + Stakeholder Engagement (10 a.m. CST, August 6th)
“This webinar will cover one of the foundational aspects of sustainable landscape practices, planning and public facilitation. The session will discuss basic concepts and processes of facilitation, such as how to prepare and run a stakeholder meeting. Additionally, these concepts and processes will be reinforced by providing Master Plan examples which use site assessment information to develop a project vision, measurable objectives, landscape performance goals, and interpretive themes.”

To take one webinar, it costs $90 per person or $115 per group. For the entire series, each is a bit cheaper: $300 per person, or $400 per group. The center says it’s recommended that participants attend all sessions, as “content builds across the series.” Course certificates will also issued to those who finish all four.

Register today.

Also, ASLA members and other landscape architects can take advantage of a new online learning series hosted by ASLA’s professional practice networks (PPNs). Nine online recordings of webinars are now available, covering topics ranging from 3D modeling to ecological restoration to sustainable water management strategies, all presented by experts in the field. Webinars are either 60 or 90 minutes. They are free to view for ASLA members; non-members must pay $75. To take the test to earn professional development hours, ASLA members can pay $40 and non-members can pay $60. Coming in June are two new live webinars on therapeutic gardens and outdoor learning for school-age children. Another comprehensive set of recorded webinars is also coming in the fall.

Image credit: Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) Pilot Project. BWP Eco Campus / Heliophoto 

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