Breathing Life into a Pile of Bricks


Construction debris can be an eyesore in any city. However, thanks to a Chinese art collective, MadeIn Company, one pile of rocks, dirt, grass, and bricks in Vancouver has become a work of art since last April, as it quietly undulates on a hidden bed of water.

What may look like debris from a recent disaster—or the least comfortable waterbed in existence— is actually the latest installation at Vancouver Art Gallery’s Offsite, an exhibition space. The piece, which is called Calm, aims to “breathe life and ambiguity into a pile of bricks.”

According to This Is Colossal, “the large field of debris was collected from a renovated Vancouver synagogue and installed on [the] exhibition space.”

“As implied in its title,” explains the gallery’s exhibition website, “Calm alludes to the stillness that follows a disaster, while simultaneously embodying the threat of latent and imminent danger that precedes a proverbial storm.”

See Calm in action:

Calm will be on display at Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite until the end of September.

Also, check out Mirror City, a fascinating set of “kaleidoscopic time lapse” videos of major American cities. See if you can guess the city from the fun-house images.

This guest post is by Phil Stamper, ASLA Public Relations and Communications Coordinator

Image credits: Vancouver Art Gallery

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